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Our Mission

Genesis Chaplaincy Ministry International Corp

• Train and improve chaplains to provide service chaplaincy in the medium-and long-term ministries, prisons, hospitals, businesses, homes for the elderly, the homeless and all who need it.
• Provide certification and support to the chaplains who serve the people of God in support, accompaniment, and reconciliation.
• To promote fellowship through meetings that are characterized by the unit.
• Promote christian values and the ethical principles according to Jesus.
• Lift the fallen, giving them tools to be able to join the society.
• Contribute to the strengthening of society and the family.
• Serve as an intermediary in the difficult moments of the christian chaplains, exercising respect and
chaplaincy professional, and are willing to collaborate.
• Provide members with the necessary tools to be able to offer a quality ministry and community service, perform direct services to the community by helping the needy and raising the fallen.
• Chaplains must exercise leadership with integrity and being competent, flexible and balanced and showing compassion at all times.

Genesis Chaplaincy
Ministry International, Corp

"What you have heard from me before many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will also be qualified to teach others also."

Join us in this mission of love and hope.

Training program

Our certification consists of 12 classes covered in 8 Thursday alternates. In the hours of 7-9 pm through the platform zoom, making it more practical for every person from the comfort of your home.

Pastoral Support

In our program, you are not alone. You'll have the support of experienced chaplains and pastoral leaders to guide you on your journey and give you spiritual guidance.

Certification and Qualification

When you successfully complete our program, you will receive a recognised qualification and a qualification that will support your ministry as a chaplain christian. Get ready to make a difference in the lives of others!

Our Resume

Our curriculum covers the following topics

  1. The diversity of the capellania, the introduction to the capellania, the history of the chaplain, the ethics and character of the chaplain among others...
  2. The capellania and human trafficking – to educate and create awareness about trafficking , we reduce the number of victims and also as a help to their victims, To help rehabilitate the survivors, sending them to different shelters to receive his help until a period of 3 years. 
  3. The chaplain and Geriatrics – this lesson will teach the whole service to our elders, recognizing their need, both in the hospital, nursing home, and at home among others. 
  4. The chaplain and the hospital - this lesson will educate all about the view of a chaplain to a patient, the hospital is expected of you as a chaplain. And how to be a chaplain for hospital volunteer. 
  5. The chaplain and the homeless. This lesson will educate on how to help the less fortunate, be aware of the statistics, and as a volunteer in community services in your community. 
  6. The chaplain and the prison - is lesson educates, such as to exercise a call to the prisons, such as get ready for the visit, among others. 
  7. The capella and the Tanatologia - this lesson will educate on how to prepare other people to their death process, or that of a family member. The before and the after; the grieving process. 
  8. The chaplain and the family - this lesson will educate on how to help families plan of God for their lives from the beginning. The family in crisis, dysfunctional homes, domestic violence, among others. 
  9. The chaplain and sexual abuse , this lesson will educate on how to help to be effective against this phenomenon occurs more recurrent than we think. 
  10. The chaplain and the abortion - this lesson teaches one to bring awareness of how many families go through an abortion and today it is still loaded that pain, how to help them and how to help those thinking of such a decision, among others. 
  11. The chaplain and Mental Health, this lesson will educate on how to help people who struggle with various mental illnesses, such as, panic, anxiety, schizophrenia, depression, and suicidal thoughts. 
  12. Chaplain and Inner Healing, this helps all of chaplain to be evaluated before exercising the call and educate you on the seriousness of the exercise called with the right heart before God, and additional helps them to heal others. 








Foster an environment of support and community where students can grow together, sharing experiences and learning from each other.

"Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15

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Our training incorporates a sensitive approach to the diversity, equipping our chaplains to work with people of different cultural backgrounds, ethnic, and denominational.

Explore the Scriptures and acquire the practical skills essential to become a chaplain christian efficient. Discover how the knowledge of and faith intertwine to impact lives.

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